Filled with youthful
lust for life at speed,
a merry seven pour
themselves into Jack's
battered small sedan,
cram in so tight they
almost burst its flimsy
multicoloured doors.
Buoyed up by grog, they giggle, brag and babble, charge headlong down the road
at breakneck pace (no designated driver here to spoil the fun), yell from windows,
run a red light (for hey, it's real quiet this late). They fail to see oncoming death
at all – the truckie swerves his massive rig too late, can't avert a grinding smash,
crunches lightweight car into the road (no contest). After screams of tortured steel,
a sudden silence.
Ambulances arrive
but there's no life
to save. Weary crews
just shake their heads.
Streetlights show a glint
of red upon the road.

© David Nourse 2011