Who is this guy Dave?  I'm glad you asked.  I'm Australian, a retired bureaucrat living in a quiet suburb of Canberra, married and the father of two grown-up kids.  I turned to poetry about ten years ago because I wanted to write something more creative than the official documents and, later, software reviews that used to take up my time: poetry offers writers a chance to touch people's souls and share the poet's unique and highly individual vision of the world with a luminous intensity that prose cannot match. Besides, it takes a damn sight less time to write than a novel.

This site is an attempt to share some of my work, for better or worse.  Even though the comparison does me no favours, I've also included some of my favourite poems from great poets whose works are in the public domain.

This could well be cruel to those of delicate sensibilities, but here's a recent, okay, fairly recent, picture of my grizzled head.  I remember hair with a certain nostalgia...

Almost an afterthought, but if you enjoy this site I'd really like you to spread the word with the newfangled gadgets below.  Please.  I need all the help I can get!